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Unsafe premises claims in New York can take a while

Wrongful death cases and the circumstances that surround them are often very difficult for the affected families. The process of bringing a claim can sometimes seem lengthier than many families would expect. To minimize pain caused by the claims process in unsafe premises cases, it can help New York families to be well-informed about the nature and progression of the proceedings. A situation that is well-understood may be easier to manage.

Man alleges unsafe premises in lawsuit against New York church

What duty does a church have to protect its guests from potential hazards on the property? If a guest enters unsafe premises and is injured, is there a potential for a law suit to be filed in a New York civil court? These questions and others may be on their way to being answered in a recent lawsuit that was filed by a man who was injured when a large crucifix fell on him at a New York church.

New York City sidewalk accident could have caused serious injury

Pedestrians scattered on a New York City street as pieces of stone railing fell from an overpass crossing over the street and sidewalk. Luckily, in this instance, none of the passersby on the street were injured, though it is suspected that awnings prevented many of the potential injuries. However the outcome of this type of sidewalk accident is not always as lucky as this one turned out to be, and pedestrians could find themselves seriously injured.

Unsafe premises in Manhattan garage injures two

Elevators are commonplace in a metropolis like New York City. Those who use them expect these machines to function properly and safely, and likely don't think twice before entering a potentially unsafe elevator. Even those who work with an elevator regularly may not be aware of the dangers that exist. When elevators malfunction, claims of unsafe premises may follow.

Residents escape NYC apartment after wall collapses

In what must have been a terrifying incident, 37 individuals were evacuated from a New York City building and surrounding buildings after the wall of one apartment structure collapsed on July 2. At around 1 a.m., the rear wall of a brownstone building peeled away from the structure and scattered rubble around the building, as well as in rooms of some of the apartments. Fortunately, no one in or around the allegedly unsafe premises appears to have been seriously injured, but the consequences could have been far worse.

Nanny and child struck by falling gate in Park Slope sidewalk accident

Recently, a New York nanny and the child in her charge were involved in a sidewalk accident in Park Slope when they were struck by a rolling-down gate outside of a local business while they were walking by, resulting in serious injuries for both individuals. The gate was one attached to the building that could be rolled down as a security measure.

Unsafe premises: Safety switch on elevator disabled

New York City has a designated safety system in place for the operation of elevators in Manhattan and throughout the five boroughs. The goal is to prevent elevator accidents in unsafe premises. Sadly, when the specified procedures are not followed, tragedy can result. Last Dec. 14, a 41-year-old executive was killed as she started to enter an elevator in the lobby of her office building at 285 Madison Avenue. The elevator suddenly lurched upwards, and the woman was crushed between the elevator cab and adjoining wall as two others already in the cab watched in horror.

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