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Director may also be held liable for nursing home abuse

When a family has reached a consensus that a long-term care facility may be the best placement for an aging loved one, they are placing complete trust and faith into the staff who oversee the care of residents. When it is later revealed that the same trusted professionals have colluded to hide nursing home abuse, the news is terribly disturbing. While the home in question is not located in New York, thousands of families do have loved ones in these types of facilities.

New York patients back in hospitals after nursing home neglect

New York residents who have had loved ones admitted to nursing homes may be subjected to the constant concern for the well-being of the patient. News reports are a constant reminder of nursing home neglect and the lack of adequate and suitable care given to patients. A recent study by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) only served to emphasize the alarming state of care and lack of experienced caregivers at nursing homes across the country.

Nursing home neglect after hurricane Sandy

When people talk about the damage done by a storm, they mostly focus on physical damage, buildings that did not withstand the weather or people who drowned in the deluge. Weather does damage to not only the physical things, but it can also wreak havoc on entire systems. Hurricane Sandy hit the northeast, including the New York City area, hard; and it has undermined the structure of mental health services and nursing homes, causing cases of nursing home neglect and mental health problems to flourish in the aftermath of a very bad weather front.

Nursing home neglect may be present in New York facility

Keeping on top of medications and treatment for patients is one of the most essential jobs of a nursing home. Due to the large number of patients that require regular care, circumstances sometimes arise where a facility fails to adhere to the treatment that is required. In a recent case, a survey of a New York nursing home revealed allegations of patients being subjected to nursing home neglect and, as a result, one administrator of the facility is said to have been replaced due to the allegations.

Nursing home neglect: Disaster plans lacking

Following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, significant lapses in nursing home emergency plans were revealed, and seven years later these lapses are still found to persist in these facilities in New York and nationwide. Natural disasters are generally unpreventable and can have devastating effects to both property and human safety, which is why one can often find safety procedures in nearly any facility across the country. This knowledge may make this type of nursing home neglect particularly concern.

Nursing home neglect alleged against 4 in upstate criminal trial

Manhattan readers may be interested in a criminal trial underway up in a Rennselaer County court in Troy, New York. The four defendants, all employees of the now defunct Northwoods Rehabilitation Center in Schaghticoke, are facing allegations of nursing home neglect. The state has accused each of the defendants of neglecting the care of a 52-year-old woman in 2009. Not able to move or communicate, she is said to suffer from multiple sclerosis and required ongoing treatment for bedsores and the inability to control her bowels. The prosecution claims that the four -- two licensed practical nurses, a physician assistant and a certified nursing assistant -- all neglected the patient criminally.

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