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New York man files medical malpractice suit: Tumor overlooked

A New York man has filed a medical malpractice suit after his doctor apparently failed to diagnose a tumor within a timely manner. Patients place their lives in the hands of educated men and women with the expectation their healthcare needs will be met. When things are overlooked or misdiagnosed, a medical malpractice suit may be an appropriate measure of financial relief for any damages suffered.

New York medical malpractice claim supported by autopsy

There are always risks associated with medical treatment. Surgery is especially risky, as any cut to the body is inherently invasive. Still, patients are entitled to expect that New York physicians will take reasonable care and be responsive when it becomes clear that a patient's treatment has gone awry. When the medical establishment makes life-altering mistakes, a medical malpractice lawsuit may be necessary to achieve some sense of justice.

Streamlined medical malpractice in New York City: The new normal

Medical malpractice is a key area and potential growing concern in the new era of healthcare. As hospitals become more corporate in their practices, managing malpractice claims is a greater priority. New York City hospitals, including the city's Health and Hospital Corporation, are in particular making changes to how they handle medical malpractice claims to reduce their costs. For individuals with malpractice claims, these policy changes may impact how they should handle any claim against the hospitals.

The complication of venue in medical malpractice cases

Venue can be an important dispute in legal matters. A recent case demonstrates complications of venue, or location of court case, in addition to difficult legal issues in medical malpractice cases. The defendants in a lawsuit against Winthrop University Medical Center and several employees, including physicians, moved to change venue from New York County to Nassau County, New York. The plaintiff argued that she lived in Brooklyn, New York at the time that she filed the lawsuit and that the trial should be held there. Her argument prevailed before the court, and therefore the trial will be held in Brooklyn.

New York City medical malpractice payments total $134 million

New York City hospitals have paid a combined total of nearly $134 million in cases of medical malpractice this year alone. These incidents range from preventable child birth complications to doctors missing symptoms. Sometimes, medical personnel are not able to properly treat conditions as they occur, often leaving the victims with serious lifelong conditions or even death. Medical malpractice is serious for those who suffer it, and many not only want to see financial reimbursement for their suffering but want to change the system so that these incidents can become less common in the future.

Medical malpractice? New York boy dies after septic shock

When parents take their children to the doctor in New York City, there is an expectation that the doctor will make correct diagnoses and prescribe effective treatments. Cases of medical malpractice can be devastating for anyone, especially for parents of young children. One family experienced this firsthand when a string of misdiagnoses led to their young son dying of severe septic shock.

Woman gets $120 million verdict in medical malpractice suit

One New York woman recently received one of the largest awards from a medical malpractice suit ever issued in the history of the state. The medical malpractice suit award amounted to $120 million to the woman. While some may feel this is an excessive payment, the jury verdict was determined consistent with the woman's suffering. The allegations are that the woman suffered brain damage as well as was left incapacitated by hospital staff during treatments that spanned across three medical centers.

New York ranks top state for medical malpractice payouts

Discovering that one has been a victim of medical malpractice can be a serious and often emotional situation. In addition to the health risks associated with this form of negligence, those affected typically are faced with significantly higher medical costs and related expenses caused by the wrongful conduct.

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