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New York construction site accident leaves one man dead

Some days it seems as if there is a construction site around almost every corner in New York. New buildings are going up, older buildings are being torn down and roadways are being repaired. All of this construction adds to the local economy by improving the area and providing employment for the men and women working at these construction sites. This construction, however, also brings with it the opportunity for a construction site accident.

Construction site accident in New York injures 2

Two men were taken to an area hospital in serious condition after an accident in Brooklyn on May 6. The condition of the New York workers is currently unknown, but their injuries have been described as non-life-threatening. An investigation into the construction site accident is ongoing.

Alarming rise in New York City construction site accident rate

A recently released survey conducted by the New York City Department of Buildings reveals that almost half of all construction sites in the city are unsafe. The study showed that the construction site accident rate rose 37 percent in 2012. Of the sites surveyed, only 55 percent were in compliance with safety standards; of the remaining sites 33 percent had some violations and 13 percent had violations that were so severe that they had to be shut down immediately.

Construction site accident may be part of New York trend

Often when negligence is an issue, evidence of trends can strengthen a personal injury lawsuit. In New York, a construction site accident may be tied to business decisions made by owners as to maintenance. In addition, policies about how machines are operated may affect worker safety. When any of these decisions are at issue, the impact may be felt in individual cases.

New York City construction worker crushed by falling cooling unit

Bystanders were stunned as a massive industrial air conditioner plunged from an overhead crane and rolled on top of the New York Construction worker responsible for guiding the crane's operator. This construction site accident, which took place outside of a Bronx hospital, has many people looking for answers.

Falling glass danger at New York City construction site accident

The construction of the 4 World Trade Center in New York City has had its share of accidents, as many city residents may know. This is a risk in any construction site, due to the dangerous nature of most construction equipment. There are regulations and procedures in place, though, to protect individuals who might be injured in a construction site accident.

New York construction site accident: unharnessed man falls 3 stories

Most workers can likely agree that no one wants to be involved in an accident on the job, let alone on their first day. For one New York worker this month, the unthinkable occurred. In a recent construction site accident, the worker fell from the scaffolding he was working on. When he landed on the hard surface below, he suffered massive head trauma and went into fatal cardiac arrest.

New rules to take effect for NYC crane operators

As most New York residents know, there have been several construction site accidents recently in the New York City area. One, in particular, involved a crane. This construction site accident has resulted in more rigorous testing for New York City crane operators before they receive a license to operate cranes.

Painter presumed dead after 140-foot bridge fall

Construction sites are expected not only to be safe for civilians who may be traveling nearby, but also for the construction workers who are at work on the often dangerous sites. However, this is tragically not always true. A recent construction site accident while workers were painting a New York bridge is an unfortunate example.

Dangerous silica levels found in construction site incident

High levels of silica, a deadly carcinogen linked to an incurable lung cancer, were discovered recently at a New York City subway construction site during a recent safety inspection. While this is not a construction site accident in the typical sense, these types of incidents could cause significant personal injury to both workers and inhabitants of the area.

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