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New York construction site accident leaves one man dead

Some days it seems as if there is a construction site around almost every corner in New York. New buildings are going up, older buildings are being torn down and roadways are being repaired. All of this construction adds to the local economy by improving the area and providing employment for the men and women working at these construction sites. This construction, however, also brings with it the opportunity for a construction site accident.

Recently, there have been several media reports about construction site accidents. Several have involved forklifts falling on workers. Like many items on a construction site, forklifts are large, heavy pieces of equipment that are capable of killing a person simply by landing on him or her.

One construction worker in Queens was killed recently when a forklift landed on top of his chest. The 54-year-old man was found and transported to a local hospital. He was declared dead shortly afterward. The accident is still under investigation, and the circumstances surround exactly what happened have yet to be determined.

The majority of construction sites are teaming with workers and equipment trying to meet a deadline. Safety and proper procedures are paramount. If the proper steps are not followed, a tragic construction site accident can occur.

One New York family is now grieving the loss of a loved one and wondering how such a thing could happen. The company's insurance policy will most likely cover some of the expenses surrounding this tragedy; however, it probably does not cover the long-term financial and emotional losses suffered. Depending upon the construction site accident investigation, it is possible that the family may seek restitution through New York's civil courts.

Source: poststar.com, "Worker killed by forklift in Queens", , June 17, 2014

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