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Director may also be held liable for nursing home abuse

When a family has reached a consensus that a long-term care facility may be the best placement for an aging loved one, they are placing complete trust and faith into the staff who oversee the care of residents. When it is later revealed that the same trusted professionals have colluded to hide nursing home abuse, the news is terribly disturbing. While the home in question is not located in New York, thousands of families do have loved ones in these types of facilities.

One family learned of the abuse their family member suffered after a hidden camera in her room caught the actions of the staff member. The male nurse was shown removing a patient from a wheelchair and lowering her to the floor. He then shut off the lights and left the patient on the floor for three-quarters of an hour before returning. He has since been charged with felony abuse and is awaiting further actions in this case.

The new phase of investigation involves the determination of what disciplinary actions to take against the director of nursing, who officials believe was aware of patient abuse. Authorities have not yet filed any formal charges as they are still gathering information. The claims are that while the director had knowledge of abuse and/or neglect, she did not report it.

The home has been fined for failing to take measures to ensure the safety of their residents. At this time the nurse who was accused stands to lose his license and other staff members are likely facing disciplinary actions for their failure to report abuse. The family of the abuse patient have since found another facility for her and claim they do not want the home closed, but desire that better safeguards are put into place.

Nursing home abuse is abhorrent as the residents are completely incapable of defending themselves. New York families who suspect that their loved one may have suffered physical harm as a result of abuse have the right to file a claim against those responsible. A personal injury suit may enable them to receive monetary recompense and possibly spare other helpless patients from becoming victims in the future.

Source: haypost.com, "Fallout continues from incident at Kan. nursing home", Dave Ranney, June 23, 2014

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