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New York man files medical malpractice suit: Tumor overlooked

A New York man has filed a medical malpractice suit after his doctor apparently failed to diagnose a tumor within a timely manner. Patients place their lives in the hands of educated men and women with the expectation their healthcare needs will be met. When things are overlooked or misdiagnosed, a medical malpractice suit may be an appropriate measure of financial relief for any damages suffered.

The man, who is a Broadway stagehand, had made an appointment in 2010 with his doctor because of a persistent cough that started producing a small amount of blood. The doctor suspected the man had hemoptysis, a potentially serious medical problem. A chest X-ray was ordered, but the man was later told the results were normal.

He made several trips back to the doctor as his symptoms persisted, but no further tests were ordered. When he recently returned with the complaint of back pain and a worsening cough, the doctor ordered a CAT scan. This time the results were very clear, a 9-cm tumor located in his lung. He underwent surgery to remove the tumor at which time it was apparent it was too late. The cancer had spread to other organs, including his brain.

Unfortunately for this New York man, this situation could very well have been prevented. It was later determined the tumor was indeed visible on the first X-ray, at which time it was 1 to 2 cm. Medical malpractice suits can often be time consuming and emotional for the victim. Keeping accurate records and having copies of any test results are a good first step in making an assessment of what legal remedies may exist when doctor error is suspected. Victims can take comfort in knowing they do not have to face these important issues alone.

Source: New York Daily News, "EXCLUSIVE: Broadway stagehand sues doctors for failing to detect his cancer on X-ray," Dareh Gregorian, April 2, 2013

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