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January 2013 Archives

A New York City car accident involving pedestrians can be serious

On average, urban environments can sometimes appear to offer less risk for serious car accidents. The lower speeds at which cars are driven can reduce serious physical injuries to people who are involved in accidents. Sometimes, though, an urban car accident where people are pedestrians outside of the protection of a car can prove as dangerous as collisions where highway speeds are involved.

Streamlined medical malpractice in New York City: The new normal

Medical malpractice is a key area and potential growing concern in the new era of healthcare. As hospitals become more corporate in their practices, managing malpractice claims is a greater priority. New York City hospitals, including the city's Health and Hospital Corporation, are in particular making changes to how they handle medical malpractice claims to reduce their costs. For individuals with malpractice claims, these policy changes may impact how they should handle any claim against the hospitals.

Nursing home neglect after hurricane Sandy

When people talk about the damage done by a storm, they mostly focus on physical damage, buildings that did not withstand the weather or people who drowned in the deluge. Weather does damage to not only the physical things, but it can also wreak havoc on entire systems. Hurricane Sandy hit the northeast, including the New York City area, hard; and it has undermined the structure of mental health services and nursing homes, causing cases of nursing home neglect and mental health problems to flourish in the aftermath of a very bad weather front.

New York car accident proves deadly for 2 corrections officers

A recent accident demonstrates how victims need to be aware of state-specific laws and policies when they come to court with potential personal injury and wrongful death claims. A two-car accident claimed the lives of two corrections officers and injured one off-duty police officer in a New York accident. The alcoholic caffeinated beverage Four Loko was found in one of the vehicles, although it is too soon to tell if one of the drivers had ingested it.

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