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New York City medical malpractice payments total $134 million

New York City hospitals have paid a combined total of nearly $134 million in cases of medical malpractice this year alone. These incidents range from preventable child birth complications to doctors missing symptoms. Sometimes, medical personnel are not able to properly treat conditions as they occur, often leaving the victims with serious lifelong conditions or even death. Medical malpractice is serious for those who suffer it, and many not only want to see financial reimbursement for their suffering but want to change the system so that these incidents can become less common in the future.

In cases of child birth, there are several recorded incidents around New York City hospitals where doctors acted improperly or were unequipped to manage certain medical problems. In one instance, the dangerous drops and spikes in a baby's heart rate were ignored during labor, leading to a permanent disability that resulted in walking and reading difficulties. In another, a woman was diagnosed with preeclampsia and was quickly induced, but when her baby was born, there was no equipment available to properly resuscitate the baby. Now he is unable to walk and barely able to speak.

One woman was rushed to a New York City hospital after suffering a severe headache, only to be released three days later. The doctors had failed to realize she was dealing with a serious brain aneurysm, and she collapsed days later. She is now in a vegetative state in a care facility.

While in all these cases the victims may never see the same quality of life they could have had if they were properly treated, they each recovered damages for medical malpractice to help them cope with their disabilities. Doctors and other hospital staff are trusted to have the knowledge and equipment to treat and prevent injuries and other conditions. It can be devastating when this doesn't happen. While organizations may seek to reduce the amount of medical malpractice cases that occur, doctors and other medical staff are still imperfect beings who can make mistakes. When someone is victimized by these mistakes in New York City, they may be entitled to seek medical malpractice compensation for the consequences they have suffered due to the negligence of another.

Source: New York Daily News, "Medical malpractice lawsuits have cost city $134 million this year and range from babies crushed to crucial misdiagnoses," Reuven Blau, Aug. 27, 2012

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