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New York City sidewalk accident could have caused serious injury

Pedestrians scattered on a New York City street as pieces of stone railing fell from an overpass crossing over the street and sidewalk. Luckily, in this instance, none of the passersby on the street were injured, though it is suspected that awnings prevented many of the potential injuries. However the outcome of this type of sidewalk accident is not always as lucky as this one turned out to be, and pedestrians could find themselves seriously injured.

The railing fell as a result of a collision when a passing tractor-trailer struck the railing at the top of the overpass over Grand Central Station in New York City. The overpass is one that prohibits travel by tractor-trailers of this size. However the driver claims that he was unaware of the restriction and didn't see the allegedly small sign dictating it. The out of state tractor-trailer driver was more concerned with navigating around taxis and cars in an area he was unfamiliar with than looking out for small signs.

It could be found that the driver of the tractor-trailer is at fault for this accident, but there are multiple factors at play here when one considers the question of liability. If investigation confirms that the sign dictating the weight limit of the overpass is too small for larger vehicles to see when navigating busy city streets, the city may bear some responsibility for failing to properly ensure street regulations are appropriately marked. Additionally, there may be some issue with the stability of the stone railing on the overpass, though it isn't said how strong the collision between the tractor-trailer and the railing was.

Regardless of which party is at fault, this sort of sidewalk accident holds the potential to seriously injure passing New York City pedestrians. When a pedestrian is injured at the fault of another party, whether through city oversight or driver inattention, they may be entitled to compensation to reimburse them for their injuries. In situations of multiple possible at-fault parties, the assistance of professionals may be beneficial in pinpointing the liability issues and determining the appropriate steps to seek recovery of monetary damages sustained.

Source: wcsh6.com, "Chunks of concrete rain down on NYC sidewalk," Shanna Therrien, Aug 1, 2012

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