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Woman gets $120 million verdict in medical malpractice suit

One New York woman recently received one of the largest awards from a medical malpractice suit ever issued in the history of the state. The medical malpractice suit award amounted to $120 million to the woman. While some may feel this is an excessive payment, the jury verdict was determined consistent with the woman's suffering. The allegations are that the woman suffered brain damage as well as was left incapacitated by hospital staff during treatments that spanned across three medical centers.

While being treated in these facilities, medical personnel were found to have mismanaged the woman's medication, causing her to suffer an allergic reaction to an anti-seizure medication that caused swelling to her face, eyes and throat.

It was also determined that medical personnel failed to respond in an appropriate manner to a medical crisis and did not provide essential treatments for the woman's condition. She was later diagnosed with a severe skin disorder, though it is not clear that this is the condition she was initially diagnosed with upon entering the treatment facility.

The ruling in this New York medical malpractice case spreads the blame across several parties. Of the three medical centers named as defendants, one footed 50 percent of the blame, another 40 percent and the third five percent. A neurologist at the third center was also allocated four percent of the blame for this incident.

It appears that the female victim is recovering, though it is not clear whether she will be able to return to the same quality of life and ability to work that she held before the medical malpractice incident. To make up for the income lost during the injury and the income she will most likely lose in the future as a result of the injury, $10 million of the award was marked as lost wages.

Source: AllMediaNY, "Local Woman Awarded $120 Million in Medical Suit," Rebecca Baird-Remba, May 28, 2012

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